Understanding Hair Loss

Alopecia or hair loss is a major problem worldwide. There are several types of alopecia with different causes and clinical presentation. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of alopecia which starts in early twenties and causes hair fall from the front and crown area. Females also can be affected from this debilitating condition & is usually more noticeable after menopause. Genetic factors,hormonal imbalance, environmental (pollution, water, etc.), nutritional deficiencies (Vitamin D, biotin, iron, etc.), infection (dandruff, scalp infection) and many more.
Management of alopecia or hair loss is challenging and daunting task. Identification of the problem and cause with prompt treatment is recommended as hair loss (alopecia) is a progressive disease. Early treatment of hair loss is more successful and yields better results as compared to treatment in severe cases of hair loss or at later stages of life.
if you are suffering from hair loss then it is highly advisable to seek specialist consultation at the earliest. Hair loss sometime may indicate underlying medical condition which if ignored may lead to more severe health related problems. Our expert will thoroughly examine you, your hair and scalp. The doctors at Follicle will explain you the condition and the possible treatment modalities for you. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead with hair loss therapies.





Special Features

Follicle Hair Transplant Centreis been recommended as one of the best and most affordable hair transplant centre in Jaipur. Our dedicated team is highly skilled in hair loss therapies and scarless hair transplant surgeries. We have specialized operatory for hair transplant procedures along with highly sophesticated instruments and technology. Our strict sterilization and medical protocol assures you best of the results. Our young experts are empaneled in various hospitals and regularly conducts courses and conferences. They are highly co-operative and patient oriented. With us you can feel like family and get the best results.


Our experts will thoroughly examine your health, scalp and hair to identify the severity of the condition and causes for hair loss.


The doctor will briefly explain your condition and possible treatment. You can ask your queries and doubts till your complete satisfaction. No Hurry!

Hair Loss Therapy

Once you are satisfied you can start with your therapy under expert guidance. Our expert will personally provide you with the best of the treatment for your hair problems.

Follow Up

Our doctors will see you at regular intervals to assess the success of the result and maintain your good hair.

Hair Boost Advantage

Our specialized and highly successful treatment approach offers maximum results in a very efficient and economic manner.

Understanding hair loss

Removing Causes

Multiple Options

patient Satisfaction

Wide Experience

Affordable Hair Loss Therapies

Follicle AdvancedHair Boost Therapies

Follicle specializes in hair loss and hair gain solutions. At our centre we offer variety of hair loss solutions suiting your condition & requirements giving you maximum benefits in affordable manner. Different types of alopecia requires different type of approach. The possible treatment approch which can be recommended by our doctor can be medical (solutions, medicines), mesotherapy (scalp infusions, PRP, stem cell), surgical (FUT, FUE) or artificial (hair rebonding, hair fibers, wig, etc). Each and every treatment has its own success criteria, benefits and complications and our doctor will explain you all the therapies and associated factors in detail.

Specialized Care

Follicle is exclusive FUE hair transplant center in Jaipur. We have dedicated team of consultants for your hair needs.

Expert Support

Our relationship go long way. After completion of therapy, our experts are just a call away to help you.

Clinical Research

Our experts believe in constant learning. Our consultants routinely attends workshop and conferences.

Comprehensive Treatment

Our hair loss therapies have been designed specifically to provide you maximum benefit in least time and life long results.

Constant Support

Our expert team will be always available for you to prevent hair loss.


We like to discuss every clinical scenario, doubts, practical aspects of each and every technique & patient in detail.

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    Dr. N.Ahmed

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  • "I am very much impressed with the staff and the facilities. The doctors were wonderful and i am highly satisfied."

    P. Berkz

Best Hair Gain Services in Jaipur at Affordable Prices

  • Hair Growth

    Personal Training

    Precision & Skill

    Managing hair loss is an art.Follicle Hair Transplant Centre gives you the most comprehensive and effective treatment as per your needs. Our team believes to deliver you the best Hair transplant and hair loss therapy needs dynamic approach and lot of patience. Follicle has best of the hair consultants and technicians to give you the best and lifelong results.

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  • Male Pattern Baldness

    Personal Training

    A global disease

    The Any kind of hair loss above 10% of all hair volume present on a head at any point of time can be considered as abnormal hair fall and require treatment. The most common form of baldness in male and female baldness can be observed where the hair recedes from the front and centre (crown area) in men and from the full head in case of women. Genetic baldness is usually caused by an enzyme known as alpha reductase that converts testosterone to dehydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT leads to shrinking of hair follicles. This results in generation of thinner and weaker strands of hair that fall off very quickly.

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  • How to choose

    Personal Training

    Select the best for you

    The biggest challenge for a patient is to choose the right centre for treatment.Almost every centre claims excellent results, however very few clinics have clinical approach. Choose the centre which has licensed doctors, hair transplant technician, good operation theatre, sterilization and which suits your budget. Hair transplant is safe and gives excellent results in expert hands.

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  • Is baldness treatable

    Personal Training

    A big question

    At present there is no gold standard treatment for baldness. Many centres claim that they have guaranteed treatment for hair loss but it is all false and hence the patient should take utmost care in opting for the treatment. Few drugs have shown to be beneficial in hair loss while hair transplant helps in restoring lost hair line and areas. and lot more. Ideal for dental surgeons who wish to add an edge of aesthetics to their practice.

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  • Home Remedies for baldness

    Personal Training

    Do they work?

    To some extent yes. Adequate care of scalp and hair, oiling, proper diet and de-stress exercises helps in reducing hair loss. Our expert will advise you few home remedies and routine care to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss in a natural way. Reducing stress and good rest or sleep is very important to prevent hair loss.

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  • Follicle Hair Gain Centre

    Personal Training

    Best in class

    Our regular patient prefers Follicle centre because we provide comprehensive care and treatment. We put our effort in understanding patient needs and giving him best results. Follicle is one of the most affordable centre in Jaipur. Just visit us and we promise to give you best of the care.

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Hair LossSolutions

Learn about common hair loss solutions and associated factors.

  • Personal Training

Medical Therapy

Posted By admin Hair Loss Therapy , Jaipur, Minoxidil 5 comments

First line of treatment in hair loss is to correct the causes of hair loss. Nutritional supplements are advised to correct deficencies, medical supplements are given to correct hair loss. Minoxidil and Fenesteride are two most commonly used and approved medicines for alopecia. Minoxidil is available in topical solution form while finesteride is available as tablet form. Other drugs such as corticosteroids, dithranol, aminexil, immunotherapy, diuretic drugs, hormonal therapy have been shown to treat alopecia but it is upto the doctor to prescribe the best therapy for you.

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Posted By admin Hair Mesotherapy, PRP, stem Cell , Jaipur 5 comments

Mesotherapy is the technique where drugs are injected or infused directly in your scalp area with help of microneedles, derma rollers or meso systems. Mesotherapy delivers the drugs and nutrition directly at the affected site thereby giving results immediately. Different types of meso solutions are available in the market for various types of alopecia. Platelet rich plasma or PRP is another effective therapy to counter hair loss. The PRP is made from patient own blood and is injected on the scalp to promote hair growth. Visible results are expected after 5-8 injections.

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Hair Transplant

Posted By Admin Best hair transplant, Jaipur , affordable fue, fut 3 comments

In recent years, hair transplant has proved to be one of the most successful and safe technique for hair loss patients. The surgeon harvest grafts from the donor site and then plant them to the bald area. The transplant can be done by FUT (strip technique) or FUE (scarless hair transplant) which offers excellent results. The technique is effective and safe in expert hand. Follicle excels in scarless FUE technique for male pattern baldness and alopecia cases.

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